In 2018, Mich Stevenson was privleged to work as farmer apprentice under the leadership of Tommy Garcia - Pratt at Finca Tres Robles in Houston’s Second Ward. The time learning to work with nature’s patterns and cycles provided Mich insight for his ever evolving internal experiences.

“I realized that the work on a farm oscilates death and life; the farmer’s responsibility is to steadliy weave the two together and without judgement of which is necessary at any moment. With a shovel I buried my fears and sorrows into the Earth and with my hands I planted, nurtured and harvested life reimagined. I was certain that this land had forever changed me when I began to notice my relationship with wasps be peace filled. Growing up and still wasps build their nest near every door entry to a place I’ve lived, worked or held studio. Their presence represented a physical manifestation of my greatest fear at the time to be stung; by life. The common Paper Wasp often confused for the Yellow Jacket is a social insect and necessary facilitator of polination. I found myself steadying my eyes on their movements about the farm. They seemed to only be concerened with one thing: creating life.